Player dessousdessous posted a message on 05/02 23:39 on the ZooValley Forum: Problem (recent) on Club 21: "Replay" button. Answer him on ZooValley and exchange with other players

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Subject :Problem (recent) on Club 21: "Replay" button
Number of Messages: 9
05/02/2010 23:39:25

Since the recent refurbishment of the Club 21 game writing font, a previously non-existent problem has appeared on this game.

The'Replay' button (which appears after the game is over) no longer works. If you want to play again, you have to "Quit" and then start a new game.

If you could get this button back to working order, it would be really nice, thank you very much! :)

Number of Messages: 9
12/02/2010 17:25:00

Thanks for arranging that, Madwin! :smiling

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