Player webmaster posted a message on 06/04 18:57 on the ZooValley Forum: FREE GAMES: Daedals and Bubble War on MadWin. Answer him on ZooValley and exchange with other players

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Subject :  FREE GAMES: Daedals and Bubble War on MadWin
06/04/2012 18:57:04

Hello 🙋

here is something new on the MadWin Free Games!
Have the mouse go to the exit in "Daedals" (access reserved for DreamCard Bronze members and beyond)!

And for all members, "Bubble War" is now available to everyone!
On this occasion, we propose new levels on this game: consequently, all the members leave from the 1st level. All those who have already played will receive 200 MadPoints of Bonus per level achieved in the previous version of "Bubble War"!
For example, if you had completed the first 15 levels, you will receive 15x200 MadPoints, or 3000 MadPoints!

Good games to all and have a good weekend!
The Web'

24/04/2012 19:21:35

bizarre 😕: bizarre 🛑l: 😵

23/04/2012 14:06:59

Hello 🙋,

When you click on the tab 'Free games' or 'See all free games' on the home page, you should see these games.

If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.

Good games!

The Web'

22/04/2012 21:59:53

Hello Web. I have a Bronze card but I'm looking for Dédales and bubble war on Madwin (free games for holders of the famous card) I really do not see where they are hiding ... I certainly miss a lot of points since time !!! Bonne continuation.😎

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