Player carpediem76 posted a message on 23/05 16:34 on the ZooValley Forum: HOW IT WORKS????. Answer him on ZooValley and exchange with other players

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Subject :HOW IT WORKS????
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23/05/2012 16:34:16

Kikou everyone!

I'm new on the site and I do not understand everything ... They say there are 15 free games to play ... but when I want to play I'm told that I have no credit and that I must buy! So I do not understand the principle of free and paid games at once ... can someone enlighten my lantarne ???

Thank you

Top poster
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24/05/2012 19:16:58

Hello, and welcome !!! 🙋
The 15 free spins are for free games (tab at the top of the page).
On the homepage, click on "see all free games", and you will have a list of those you can access.
Good games !!!

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24/05/2012 19:31:29

you have 15 free spins per day. Valid only for certain games.

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