Player tigra68 posted a message on 29/06 15:39 on the ZooValley Forum: tournaments. Answer him on ZooValley and exchange with other players

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Subject :tournaments
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29/06/2006 15:39:47

it's been a long time since I've been on this forum! I see that there are less and less old people...:-( My patouille I wonder if you still come...
anyway, I wanted to know if one day we'll have the hope to see the tournaments return to levels ( novices, experts, all)???
It's a shame it wasn't there anymore, it was much more interesting for everyone I think! the novices don't have much chance of winning if everyone does the same tournament!
anyway it was just a little question like that by the way I hope I will get an answer...
By the way, a big kiss to you web because it's been a long time!!
bye bye bye!

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29/06/2006 16:35:33

Hi tigra68! 🙋

indeed, it was a long time!
since we have just reopened the forum, I think it will take a little while before everybody gets back to it.

Regarding the level tournaments, their return is not expected at the moment, they had not met with sufficient success ...
On the other hand, we have implemented different costs in terms of tournaments, and that works very well. So we will stay on this system.

Good games!

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