Player webmaster posted a message on 19/01 22:18 on the ZooValley Forum: Validation of Buzz Cup Messages. Answer him on ZooValley and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Validation of Buzz Cup Messages
19/01/2015 22:18:57

Hello everyone!

Following the requests of everyone, Forum messages strictly reserved for the Buzz Cup will now be automatically validated after about 2 minutes.

For this you must respect the following simple rules:
- The Message must be posted in a topic of the Section 'Buzz Cup'.
- The title of the subject must contain the following words: "Cut [or Buz or Buzz]" "XX"
- For example: "link for Cup n Β° 30 of maguy3151" OR my link Laproserpine Buzz 30
- Your message must strictly concern the link sharing of the Buzz Cup. Any other type of message will be deleted and more if affinity :)

Messages and topics about old Buzz Cups will be automatically deleted at the end of the Cup.

The Web'

24/10/2015 14:22:23

Hello everyone
Thank you, it's ok so that all players can have an equal chance for the cup buzz. Because not everyone has the privilege status. And we know that sometimes (especially on vacation) it can take several days before our posts are on the forum.
Thank you

23/04/2015 21:16:54

it is a message to be regularly notified for the new ones or to remind where to find the good behaviors thank you for this reminder and do not hesitate to make others

13/03/2015 06:00:23

Good evening,

Thank you for this information.

03/03/2015 23:55:38

To thank, just post a new message, entitled, for example: "thank you cut buzz bruzeme"

03/03/2015 10:50:19

here is my link for cup n, 37

03/03/2015 08:10:15

here is my link for cup n, 37

21/01/2015 11:21:37

How do we thank for the previous cut since it is erased?

20/01/2015 16:11:07

πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ™y): THANK YOU WEB! πŸ™y): πŸ™y): πŸ™y):

20/01/2015 09:26:53

πŸ™‹ thank you webπŸ™y):

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