Player troky posted a message on 24/09 12:21 on the ZooValley Forum: Clicks won. Answer him on ZooValley and exchange with other players

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Subject :Clicks won
Number of Messages: 4
24/09/2019 12:21:14

I won 2 clicks at the challenge parimots. It is very nice but it is nowhere indicated how it is used. Thank you.

Number of Messages: 3421
24/09/2019 14:17:08

Hello troky

In order to use your clicks you must go to the Challenges page and click on the '' My Challenges '' link. Then click on the challenge in the '' Challenges Completed '' section and click on the '' Grid '' button to see a pay grid where you will have to click.

These clicks are to be made within 15 days otherwise they are done automatically.

Number of Messages: 4
24/09/2019 23:36:06

Thank you, I will go see

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